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This might be our favourite part of the website! We have designed it to show you exactly what we’re made of, with everything on this website created by us. Just scroll down to see our most recent and proudest work.

Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi | Booking Video - Video Animation

Need a video animation?

We've got you covered! We specialise in creating animations that leave your audience wanting more.

With a diverse portfolio ranging from social media posts to TV broadcasts, you can trust us to create your perfect video animation. Just tell us your idea, and watch the magic happen. 

Take a look at what we created for Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi. This was a custom animated video with a voiceover explaining their booking process.

The video shows that our talented team recreated their website on After Effects, enabling us to zoom in on the most important details. This was done to help customers familiarise themselves with the booking interface.

What was purpose of recreating the website in After Effects?
We were able to add a 3D camera to make the shots more interesting for the viewer. Plus, as the scene was rendered in After Effects, there were no pixelated shots in the final video. #crispyvideo

We believe that it was very important to have a high quality render of the scene, as viewers of this video are going to reference it when booking their tickets to our client's venue.

Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi | 30 Seconds Advert - Video Editing

Just need a video edited?

Our video editing gurus will help you get the very best out of the footage that you provide us. With our video editing and sound design experience, we can elevate your videos.

Take a look at the work we did for Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi. We used the content that was provided by them to create a 30 second advert for them. With a combination of their footage and our voiceovers, we created a highly engaging video for them to showcase their new venue.

The advert was shown across Abu Dhabi to help unveil the Middle East's newest virtual reality location, Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi.

What is sound design?
When we talk about sound design, we are referring to sounds that out editors add in when editing a video. For example, in the linked video, we added and layered sound effects to enhance the video for the viewer.
We think that this is a very important detail that most editors forget to include, as audio is another 50% of a video.

Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi | Battle Pass Cards - Print design

Want a printed design?

We designed customer loyalty cards for our client Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi, which featured a design of their hit virtual reality game "Sol Raiders".

Whether it's business cards, posters, or billboards, we've got you covered.

We make sure that you have help with every design process and work tirelessly to ensure that the design is up to your standards.

Do you use templates?
No, we don't. We do everything in-house, which guarantees that everything we do is fully customisable and bespoke.

Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi | Hoarding - Print design

Not big enough?

No canvas is too big for us! We work with local agencies to get your name on the biggest canvas we can find. This is our equivalent of shouting your brand name as loud as we can.

Don't think we can get a big enough canvas? Well, take a look at what we did for Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi, where we designed a hoarding for their whole shopfront.

As everything we do is in house and fully customisable, you can be sure that we can adapt the design to suit your needs.

Here's a fun fact!
We designed the hoarding not only to be visually pleasing but to be functional too. The QR codes in the design were big enough so that people could scan them from the glass elevator! This meant that people from the cinema could scan the QR code to find more information about the upcoming attraction.

Oh, We almost forgot! We also added small text and QR codes for people to scan when they walked past the shopfront.

Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi | Tiktok & Instagram - Social Media Content

Need social content?

Even though we don't offer social media management, we can elevate your socials with quality content. We work together with your team to make sure that content is not only relevant but also in line with your brand.

Take a look at the work we did with Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi. We created content for their socials.

On TikTok, we created a walkthrough video that featured a voiceover explaining the process when visiting the venue. This type of video was popular, and we used this trend to attract the audience on this platform.

On Instagram, we created some April fools posts with the idea to have the post shared to increase user engagement. We used pictures provided by Zero Latency VR Abu Dhabi and photoshopped them with stock photos of ice skaters.

Why should I even be on Social Media?
Good question! We think social media is the future of marketing, and you should too!

Social media marketing is the hardest thing to crack, as it evolves you being very transparent with your customers. The initial graft (building up a following) is hard and time-consuming, but the results are well worth it!

Does social media marketing interest you? Why not give us a call or click on the button below to contact us.