Runway's generative AI video app comes to iOS

April 26, 2023

Runway, the popular creative platform for artists and designers, has launched a new mobile app for iOS that lets users experiment with generative AI video. The app, called Runway Mobile, builds on the company's desktop software, which uses machine learning algorithms to generate animations, graphics, and visual effects based on user inputs.

With Runway Mobile, users can create and edit video clips in real-time using a range of AI-powered tools and effects. These include style transfer, which applies the look and feel of one video to another, and motion synthesis, which lets users animate objects and characters with natural movements. The app also supports real-time rendering and previewing, allowing users to see the results of their experiments instantly.

According to the developers, Runway Mobile is designed to democratize AI video creation and make it accessible to a wider audience. "We believe that everyone should have the power to use AI as a creative tool, regardless of their technical skills or background," said Cristóbal Valenzuela, co-founder and CEO of Runway. "With Runway Mobile, we're bringing the power of generative AI video to your pocket, so you can unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere."

The app has already gained a following among digital artists, filmmakers, and content creators, who praise its ease of use and versatility. "Runway Mobile is a game-changer for me as a filmmaker," said Rami Kodeih, a New York-based director and cinematographer. "It allows me to experiment with different visual styles and effects on the fly, and create unique, compelling content that stands out from the crowd."

Runway Mobile is available now on the iOS App Store. Whether you're a seasoned video professional or an aspiring creator, Runway Mobile promises to unlock new levels of creativity and innovation with generative AI video.